day 11 // step brothers

Oh heavens, this movie makes me laugh. It’s ridiculous and off the wall and seriously one of my favorite movies ever. Do not watch it with the kids and DEFINITELY don’t watch it on TBS. Watch it as it was meant to be seen, unrated from beginning to end. If you giggled at Talladega Nights, you will howl at Step Brothers. Written by Will Ferrell, … Continue reading day 11 // step brothers

day 10 // jane’s crazy mixed up salt

Growing up, Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt was always on the table. We put it on chicken, steak, veggies, everything. It made everything taste better. It’s like salt and pepper had a baby in show business. I think it’s safe to say it’s the Lady Gaga of seasonings. I recall eating at friend’s houses and wondering why it wasn’t there. I am good at many things. … Continue reading day 10 // jane’s crazy mixed up salt