day 12 // jimmy fallon

He’s got it all folks. He’s funny. You think he could be your best friend. He’s rocked onstage with Prince. He was on a date with Nicole Kidman and didn’t even know it. He’s Justin Timberlake’s bestie. Who else, but Jimmy Freaking Fallon.

I wake up at 4:35 am on weekdays. I don’t get to stay up and watch his show, however, I do get to see the clips that everyone is talking about the next day. Thank you internet.

I remember when he was on SNL. Oh heavens, he was adorable and hilarious. From the Boston high school boyfriend to the Christmas song with Horatio Sanz, Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan, he nails it. Full disclosure: I just watched that entire Christmas song when I found the link. In February. CLASSIC.

It’s great to see him rise up and own late night. He plays the best games and I can’t get enough of the antics! Box of Lies and Wheel of Musical Impressions are my favorites by far. Jimmy can get stars to do anything from tell their greatest secrets to lip syncing – this is still my favorite!

I love Jimmy Fallon. There. I said it.


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