day 10 // jane’s crazy mixed up salt

Growing up, Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt was always on the table. We put it on chicken, steak, veggies, everything. It made everything taste better. It’s like salt and pepper had a baby in show business. I think it’s safe to say it’s the Lady Gaga of seasonings. I recall eating at friend’s houses and wondering why it wasn’t there.

I am good at many things. I am not the greatest chef in the world. I regularly make five things and my Dinners I Can Make Pinterest board is growing, albeit slowly. You may also notice a trend. I totally love parmesan cheese, but that’s another post. I find that adding Jane’s instead of the regular salt and pepper adds a lot to a dish.

I come from a large family. My dad is one of ten and I have 30 cousins. On one side. We are all close and like to congregate for the big holidays. For Thanksgiving I always offer to bring the mashed potatoes. Guess what my magic ingredient is?! Jane’s. I’m not lying. It makes everything taste better. There was a ridiculous sale on it at the grocery store last November and I almost got stocking stuffers for everyone. With that being said, it’s about $3.0o in the spice section of your favorite store. If it’s not, demand that they carry it because it will change your life.

In researching this post, I found there is now a large variety of seasonings available as well as flavored popcorn and kettle chips. I really need to get my hands on the Chunky Mixed Up Garlic Seasoning, that looks like a game changer! Garlic goes great with parmesan!

The story of Jane is lovely. She began her crazy mixed up empire when she was in her sixties and drove it with a vengence. Her biographer, Frank Trenery writes:

“If a tiny white-haired, delightfully wacky grandmother stops you in the supermarket, talking “krazy” salt, relax and listen. You haven’t a chance to escape – it’ll be Jane. She can’t resist meeting people and selling salt.”

Um, yes. You read that right. There is a BIOGRAPHY about the lady who started this business in her sixties. A bonafide entrepreneur, her passion has kept the company running and expanding for thirty years. You better believe I’m reading that one!

“Jane was a one-woman marketing machine. When she wasn’t buttonholing customers right in the supermarket, she’d be approaching mom and pop delicatessens and making sure her seasonings were seen and tasted. The unstoppable Jane toured the country and the world demonstrating and telling everyone about her salt.”

A great story, a superior seasoning, a great price. Now hit that grocery store and change your life.

Excerpts taken from

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