day 9 // hulu plus

One of the advantages of going back to school as an adult is you have a bunch of  classmates who are young. Like when you do the math, you are old enough to be their mom. That can be taken one of two ways. You can either get cranky about it or take advantage of their fresh technological knowledge. Because I always look on the bright side of life, I chose to learn as much as I can about the best apps, how to get a discount on Spotify and wait for it . . . the advantages of Hulu.

I love television. Love it. I adore finding a great show and watching it whenever I want. It’s my escape. There is something extremely satisfying about watching 30 minutes of television and then whammo! It’s wrapped up in a sweet little bow at the end, well, most of them. A few current favorites are American Housewife, Lethal Weapon, This is Us and The Goldbergs. I could watch classics like Parks + Rec and 30 Rock on endless loops for the rest of my life. Please note: both are no longer in production, yet still have pages on the NBC website and merch in the store. Now THAT’S a good show.

That is the joy of living in this day and age. I can turn on my Samsung Smart TV (also works with PlayStations, Apple TV, and a bunch of other external devices) and see what shows have new episodes OR rewatch my old favorites.

The Hulu base plan is $7.99 a month. Two Christmases ago I splurged and gave the family Hulu with . . . wait for it . . . NO COMMERCIALS! For another $4.00 a month we watch all our favorite shows commercial free and it’s a game changer. We are now spoiled rotten. ROTTEN.

We can watch on our television, laptops, iPads, even our phones. Isn’t this a GLORIOUS time to be alive?!

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