day 7 // fiestaware

When I got married as a 24 year old, the idea of picking out china made me want to retch. Let me put this in perspective. We had very little money and the last thing I needed was really expensive dishes that I would never use. I had always loved Fiesta by Homer Laughlin. Always. Fiesta is reasonably priced, fun to mix and match and something that has always made me smile. I registered for yellow and orange, with the intention of my collection growing and boy did it ever. I still love collecting.

When we gutted our kitchen and got all new cabinets, I insisted on a double cabinet square in the center of it all to have clear glass so that you could see my ever growing collection. They are my favorite part of the kitchen. Our cabinets and backsplash are white and these are an awesome burst of color when you walk in the door. I love that. Love it. Did I mention I LOVE color?

We need more like I need a hole in the head, but I love picking up new sets. I haven’t done it in a long time and because of that I missed the plum. My passion for color makes me salivate over the collection to this day. To get my fix of additional colors, I play with the Colorama option on their website. There goes your afternoon. Sorry, not sorry!

One of my daughters’ prefers to only eat off the white. Sometimes it makes me think she isn’t mine. Kidding. If you saw her you could not deny she’s my kid.

I get a little obsessive about these dishes. When I stack them in the cabinet I like them to be in rainbow order. I can even get my kids to do it. When I’m setting the table, no place setting can have two items of the same color. I get it. It’s kind of weird. Maybe it’s the designer in me. Maybe I’m just nuts.

Did I mention I’m kicking myself I for never getting the plum?

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