day 6 // mahabis

For my birthday, my sweet husband ordered me the Mahabis slipper shoes I had been drooling over for weeks. Here’s the deal. They are freaking adorable. They are designed for your downtime, complete with detachable soles for outdoor wear. WHAT?! Inside/outside shoes all in one?! So you pick an upper, then you pick a sole color and viola! You have the world’s most comfortable footwear.

I have the classic version that boasts a fuzzy warm inside and somehow breathable so your feet don’t get all hot a sweaty. How do they do it? My last slippers were Uggs and my feet would totally explode with heat. Not with the Mahabis. They are so comfortable, you forget you have them on until someone asks you about them because they are so dang adorbs. Because it’s winter and I live in a cold, wet climate, I usually wear my boots to work and switch into the Mahabis when I get there. If I’m bopping around to the hairdresser, chiropractor, what have you, I have worn them sans boots and avoided the puddles. The backs are collapsable, so if you don’t want the full shoe option, not a problem. I’m serious. They thought of everything.

The first time I attached the soles, I had to stretch them a bit, however, I haven’t had a problem since. You can pop them off and cruise around the house and snap those babies back on when you’re heading out the door. I would recommend leaving the soles in your purse or you just may walk out without them!

They have summer and luxe options available also. The summers have a breathable upper to keep your feet protected, but cool and lined for comfort. These babies were designed to breathe. They have my attention as they are saying they can replace my flip flops! I am impressed. The luxe are made of sculpted of European leather and sheepswool. Super fancy.

If you’re on the fence, I have a 15% discount link for you and they come to a sweet $85 and arrive in 4 – 7 days. Mine arrived in 4. They are shipped from Great Britain and beautifully boxed, much to my husband’s dismay I couldn’t throw out the packaging.

Treat yo’ self!

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