day 3 // field notes

Oh my heavens. Field Notes. FIELD NOTES! Where do I begin?! The pet project of my favorite designer, Aaron Draplin, these 3.5 x 5.5″ wonders boast 48 pages and perfection at it’s finest. You can score blank, graphed or ruled pages as well as a few specialty layouts. There have been a ton of special editions and wait for it . . . you can get a freaking SUBSCRIPTION. I get these DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE! Each quarter, a sweet little package arrives containing their special edition books as well as a little extra goodie goodie. From time to time, they do super cool things like this for their subscribers. For Christmas I got the Archival Wooden Box to keep all my books all nice and organized. These people have thought of everything. I got one of their clic pens in a shipment and this simple pen is one of my favorites. I will be ordering more soon.

I haven’t even lamented about their classic style or how they are 100% made in the USA. I cannot say enough good stuff about these books.

What do I do with them? Depending what page you crack open, you are bound to find a quote inspiration, a drawing of a penguin, a grocery list, bills to pay or errands to run. I use it for everything and one is on me at all times. A few of my more artsy entries are here for your enjoyment.

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