day 2 // camelbak eddy bottles

I do bootcamp five mornings a week and I have to drink a TON of water. Have you ever had a water bottle that was uninspiring? You couldn’t drive and drink your water because it would slosh all over you or every time you took a sip you were drenched? I personally have a problem with bottles that don’t have straws. I get it, I’m a child, but the only time I haven’t wanted a straw in my life was after my wisdom teeth were taken out. I’m a straw gal. That’s where the Camelbak Eddy swoops in and saves the day!

I have about six of these bottles. I constantly have to wrastle (yes, I said wrastle) them from my kids because they are everyone’s favorites. The bite valve is incredibly easy to learn how to use, both my daughters figured it out by the age of two. Does the valve and straw get gross? Yep. Both are easily replaceable with a quick purchase from Amazon, Target or your nearest REI. They even come in funky colors if you play your cards right.

There are a variety of sizes, though I find the .75L is a personal favorite. It still fits in the cupholder of my car and most water bottle pockets in the backpack.

I’ve also personalized countless bottles to give as well received gifts. The best had a friend’s monogram and was filled with M&M’s. I mean, c’mon. How could you not love that?!

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